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Obama Pitches Corporate Tax to Fix Roads and Bridges

President Obama will propose a one-time tax on foreign profits held by U.S. corporations to pay for an ambitious plan to fix roads and bridges across the country.

The plan is included in the proposed $4 trillion budget that Obama will send to the Republican-held Congress Monday. Like other parts of the budget, it is not likely to pass, but is intended more to frame the debate with Capitol Hill over how to spend taxpayer dollars.

Why should you read this? We kinda need an actual plan guys… Time, February 2015

There’s gold in them thar sewers—tons and tons of it!

The study’s lead environmental engineer, Paul Westerhoff, told Science that the sewage treatment systems that collect and try to dispose of the waste could be losing a lot of  precious cargo in the process, citing a city in Japan that collected near 2 kg of gold in every metric ton of ash after burning sludge.

Why should you read this? That’s a lot of gold. Quartz, January 2015

Obama Proposes New Muni Bonds for Public-Private Investments

The program, called Qualified Public Infrastructure Bonds, wouldn’t expire, and there’d be no cap on issuance, the administration said in a statement Friday. The debt also wouldn’t be subject to the Alternative Minimum Tax, which limits the tax benefits and exemptions that high-earning individuals can claim to reduce their levies.

Why should you read this? Maybe you need money? Bloomberg, January 2015

Economic stress continues to weaken European infrastructure

“Fitch Ratings explains in a series of recently published reports that the prolonged economic weakness in European economies and the impact that this has on consumer demand and public sector spending continues to erode the core stability of the infrastructure sector. The medium-term prospects for specific infrastructure assets vary significantly and are determined mainly by a combination of the economic and political dynamics of the host country, the asset’s type and its relative importance and the asset’s financial and operational flexibility.”

Why should you read this? This is an abstract of several reports on the state of European infrastructure. The information may well cast a light on the coming future of American infrastructure. Reuters, December 2012

Waste Stream to Revenue Stream

“The City of Killeen, Texas, and the Bell CountyWater Control & Improvement District No. 1 have turned biosolids from three wastewater treatment plants into a source of revenue with a composting facility that opened last summer.” Long article with numbers and details for turning sludge and brush into compost and money. TPO, July 2012

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