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GIS—Just a Tool: Common Misconceptions

“GIS is a powerful tool that is currently being underutilized by land surveyors. This underutilization is costing the surveying industry time during the business day, which equates to wasted money. I am not here to preach that GIS will save the universe from all which is evil. This approach has been used by the existing proponents of GIS with little effect. In my view, GIS is simply a hammer, and if you need to drive nails a hammer is a great tool, but if you are cutting lumber a hammer is useless. The biggest fallacy of the existing users and proponents of GIS is thinking that the professional surveying industry needs to change the way that they conduct business in order to fit into a GIS world. Surveying has been practiced for thousands of years and changing the way that surveying is conducted all because of the invention of a new hammer is crazy. GIS is simply a tool for the professional surveyor to be more efficient, not a new way of doing business.” Opening column, of a new series on GIS for land surveyors. The American Surveyor, June 30th, 2012

From Drawers to the Desktop

“The City of Saco (Maine) Public Works Department recorded maintenance on its sewer and stormwater systems on sheets of paper and index cards. Management stored the information in file cabinets by street, and the city has 300 of them.” A very detailed look at the use of Azteca Cityworks to digitize paper plans and get them into a GIS. MSW, July 2012

A New View on Mapping

“… using a modified version of an airborne thermal infrared sensor technology used by the military for night vision, Bluesky began offering aerial thermal surveys that provided average heat-loss values for building polygons.” Bit of an advertisement for Bluesky International Ltd., but also a good overview of new options in aerial mapping, including thermal mapping, solar potential mapping, and UAV use. POB, July 2012

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